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re: Some helpful guides regarding Legion


Hi Everyone!


I know I have not been very active recently. I am current in-between jobs and saving up for a new computer for Legion. Regardless if I have that new computer I will be hopefully picking up Legion on it's release. 


I have been spending a LOT of time looking at videos and trying to decide on what I want to play as in Legion. I have decided that I will end up playing one of each role for 5-man mythics but will be only selecting one role for raiding(If my hours and time permit it). 


Okay, so I have been doing a lot of searching for good class guides and have found the streamer that I think is the most detail oriented in this regard.

The first is This guy is putting a significant amount of time into each class and is slowly rolling out his second review of the classes. He expects to be finished by the end of June. He goes over all of the skills important to the spec in review and shows a good number of synergies with the skills and talents. He also does this with a mostly positive mindset. He writes a bug list for each spec, provides the 4-5 hours VoD that he did all the testing on as well in a link below the 1 hour spec review. Now, while he covers a LOT of the spec he can miss some things sometimes. So just be aware that it is not all encompassing but he does cover a LOT of what you will need to know about your spec. There should not be any quest/story-line spoilers in any of his videos.


Second is Preach Gaming. His videos are usually a bit shorter and less in-depth when compared to the previous streamer above. However, he can bring up different points that the previous streamer may have missed or a different view on the coverage of the spec. He also has a pretty decent video where he talks about the 5 most impressive features of Legion in this video: There are a few spoilers in this video but nothing really to do with storyline. It is a video about some of the features that have come with the game. 


Anyway, I hope that this is helpful to some of you. 


Have a great time in there! I'll be back as soon as I get my finances settled.

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